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Taking a one week introductory course in Bioinformatics for NGS data
9 Feb '15: This week, as part of my PhD studies in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, I will be taking the course "Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data" at Science for Life Laboratory here in Sweden. I will try to blog here a...
NGS Bioinformatics Intro Course Day 1
9 Feb '15: Just finished day 1 of the introductory course on Bioinformatics for Next generation sequencing data at Scilifelab Uppsala. Attaching a photo from one of the hands-on tutorial sessions, with the tutorial leaders, standin...
13 Jan '15: You can download the RDFIO virtual machine here ...
The smallest pipeable go program
18 Dec '14: Edit: My original suggested way further below in the post is no way the "smallest pipeable" program, instead see this example (Credits: Axel Wagner): lang-go package main import ( "io" "os" ) func main() { ...
First blog entry
3 Sep '09: My first blog entry here! Congrats to me! =)...

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Bionics IT currently serving as a research and development blog for Samuel Lampa, a PhD student (Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics at Uppsala University).

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