SciPipe used at NASA Glenn Research Center

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Apr 13, 2024

I was happy to see the publication finally going online, of work done at NASA Glenn Research Center, where SciPipe has been used to process and track provenance of the analyses, "Modeling the impact of thoracic pressure on intracranial pressure". I've known the work existed for a couple of years, after getting some extraordinarily useful contributions from Drayton fixing some bugs I'm not sure I'd ever find otherwise, but cool to now also see it published! Also a big kudos for acknowledging the tool in the paper. Not all that common to do, but a gesture that is deeply appreciated.

Also, the research done looks super cool. Congrats Drayton & team on the paper!

Munster, D.W., Lewandowski, B.E., Nelson, E.S. et al. Modeling the impact of thoracic pressure on intracranial pressure. npj Microgravity 10, 46 (2024).